The Science of Olivamine

Olivamine10® is the most scientifically sound anti-aging ingredient complex available. Its key ingredients are scientifically proven at a major USA medical research university to reverse the most critical cause of aging. As we age, our cells slow down and this reduces the number of healthy cells available for repair and replacement. Slow cell turnover is one of the most damaging events in the aging process. One of the major causes of slow cell turnover is free radical damage. Olivamine10 combines the most potent antioxidants that work directly on the cell’s powerhouse, the mitochondria. Olivamine10 ingredients directly signal the FOX03 gene causing it to turn on and reverse the cell’s stay in a resting state and return it to the normal cell cycle. If this gene is not turned on, then there is no way to reverse the cell’s extended stay in the resting state (quiescence). Our Olivamine10 ingredient complex brings these damaged cells back to life. Only Olivamine10 can make this claim and truly repair the damage to cells, making them and you healthy again.

For more information regarding olivamine or any of Pinnaclife’s supplements, please visit Pinnaclife.

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